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truffle hunting

Pub and restaurant specialist Truffle Hunting turns to TISSL for EPoS throughout the business

Truffle Hunting creates places that people want to eat, drink and just be in. “Truffle Hunting brings together a group of people with decades of experience in the restaurant sector which we apply in a number of ways,” says founder Nigel Sutcliffe. “We invest in exceptional chefs, acquiring property, providing capital and business acumen, to operate a commercially successful restaurant. We operate a number of restaurants on behalf of clients and in other cases we own the establishments outright and run them with our own teams.”

Truffle Hunting’s consultancy services span family-owned B&Bs to well-known hotels, neighbourhood bistros to renowned restaurants, country pubs to private estates, contract caterers to cultural hubs. Whether running its own or third-party businesses or guiding owners, Truffle Hunting emphasises the importance of making processes efficient and getting front-of-house and back-office operations right, and for that it turns to TISSL.

“I’ve always known TISSL as a good EPoS system,” Nigel says. “Having the right computer system in place means restaurateurs, chefs and their staff can focus on their product. If we’re buying or advising an existing business, there’s usually a system in place. We try to recommend an improved solution to our clients and we always like to put more than one in front of them depending upon their budget and what the business wants out of the system. We let them make their choice but our choice is TISSL, which we know how to use and we know can add value.”

Truffle Hunting owns four pubs in London, which all use TISSL EPoS: The Princess Victoria in Shepherd’s Bush, The Newman Street Tavern in Fitzrovia, The Henry Root in Chelsea, and The Lady Ottoline near Gray’s Inn Road. “Where we find TISSL strong is how it communicates customer requests to different parts of the business such as to the bar and the kitchen,” Nigel says. “Where service takes place on multiple floors or there are dining gardens and terraces to service, TISSL is particularly good at getting orders and messages faster across the business.” He also finds that staff take to the TISSL system quickly. “Once they’re educated, they find the system very simple to use.”

Depending on the scope and scale of the business it is working with, Truffle Hunting makes sure that management information is readily available. Where it runs a business on behalf of an owner, it constantly provides detailed reports and updates. “A smaller owner operator doesn’t need so much but if you have several stakeholders and several shareholders, then comprehensive reports are a necessity and TISSL is strong here. End-of-day and end-of-month figures are easy to get from TISSL.”

At Truffle Hunting’s pubs, TISSL manages all the financials and banking. In addition, managers rely on TISSL for line and stock counts. When it comes to inventory stock management, Nigel stresses that the businesses like to focus on their food and service – he feels a stand-alone stock management would be over-engineered. “We rely on TISSL which is adequate for our needs. With our multi-function businesses with both bar and food operations, it’s not always easy to do cover counts but that’s a business limitation, not a fault of TISSL. But does TISSL give us the control and business insights we need to run our businesses efficiently and profitably? Yes, it does.”

Across its venues, Truffle Hunting uses OpenTable for restaurant reservations and finds the link to TISSL EPoS helps to increase table turn and deliver good service. “Our head chefs all have kitchen printers and TISSL links to that too so the whole process of order to preparation to service goes smoothly.” The EPoS system pays for itself over a three-year period, Nigel adds. “We will continue to recommend TISSL to our clients and install it in our own venues.”

For more on TISSL, visit, email, or call 01908 525800.

truffle hunting

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