Turtle Bay

Hammersmith, London

Tell us about Turtle Bay Hammersmith.

Turtle Bay Hammersmith opened its doors in March 2023. It is our biggest venue, but the design maintains our relaxed and welcoming nature, with open spaces and a massive Island Bar at the heart of the room. Inspired by the Caribbean islands, Turtle Bay Hammersmith features vibrant colours, an open kitchen with jerk pit BBQs, beautiful artwork and a mixture of finishes and textures. Stepping through to the rear of the site, diners can also enjoy an outdoor terrace area, complete with its own bar. Mini cabanas give this space a beachside feel that transports guests to the Caribbean without a plane ride.

What would you say have been the key elements of your success?

Turtle Bay is accessible. We’re all about guests enjoying themselves on their own terms. Our offer is as relaxed as our interiors, meaning guests can pop in for a quick drink or snack, or stay all day sipping cocktails for any occasion, dressed up or dressed down. The majority of our guests visit not just for a meal or a round of drinks, but for the whole experience of a ‘vibey’ restaurant, friendly service, flowing tropical cocktails and island tunes – it’s much more fun and immersive than your average high street dining experience.

What makes you stand out from your competitors?

Turtle Bay is a unique mix of a bar and a restaurant, which is very experiential. We offer something for everyone, for every occasion, from bottomless brunch, lunch and dinner, to all-day happy hour and late-night drinking. Our tropical cocktails, reggae playlists, open kitchens and Caribbean-inspired interiors truly transport you off the high street and into a paradise. Our Island Bars are the centre of everything we do – literally. Every Island Bar is placed in the middle of each venue, as a focal point and a place for guests to gather; they are unique in their open shape, not placed up against a wall, and create a vibe unlike most other bars. It’s a scene that encourages chatting to our bartenders as well as strangers, and a place to perch for hours while sipping tropical cocktails.

What are your short and long-term goals?

Day-to-day, our main goal is to give our guests the best possible experience: to make sure that when they enter one of our venues, they are immersed into the magic of the Caribbean and have a chance to escape with their friends, family or colleagues. Long-term, it’s really about spreading that magic across the country as far and wide as we can, delivering our unique mix of rum, reggae and jerk, whilst delivering our Caribbean good times to as many people as possible.

How do you stay current and up-to-date with trends in an ever-changing industry?

It’s important to stick with our core brand values while keeping a close eye on the industry and consumer behaviours, understanding how some trends can be introduced into the business, and which ones aren’t a match for us. As a business we try to be agile and fast-moving. While this is more challenging for a business of our size compared to a smaller group, it is definitely worthwhile.

The Caribbean culture has become increasingly popular over recent years. Do you see the trend growing further in the future?

We certainly plan to expand, with five to six new sites opening each year over the next few years – we believe there are plenty more cities and towns across the country that will love Turtle Bay.

What advice would you give to an up-and-coming bar venue?

Always put the guest experience first.


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