Twilight Trees launches Living Spaces screens for post-lockdown hospitality needs

Twilight Trees Living Spaces

Interiors company Twilight Trees has unveiled its new range of Living Spaces screens to offer hospitality venues flexibility post-lockdown.

Made of protective safety glass and foliage, the one-meter-wide screens can be used independently or in flush-fitting rows, serving as branded wayfinding and information devices or as spatial and table dividers to create protective zones around customers.

The safety glass has been designed to be easy to clean and maintain, and can be curated to fit a venue’s desired branding with LED lights and hand-crafted arrangements.

The panels also provide space for hand-written information at the top or for QR codes, permitting touch-free interaction with guests and linking to menus, which can be used to promote special offers or additional material.

Self-supporting on legs, the Living Spaces screens also come with castor options, making them, Twilight Trees say, highly flexible for multiple configurations.

The full dimensions of each screen are 1.45m in height, 1m width, 0.45m depth at base and 0.12m at top end.

Susie Reid Thomas, founder and creative director of Twilight Trees, said: “As the hospitality industry gets ready to reopen when lockdown lifts, careful space planning will be paramount to balance operators’ economic needs with both legal requirements and the potential nervousness of customers.

“Our conversations with operators tell us that they are looking for solutions that will allow them to reopen, whilst inspiring confidence in customers and without killing the look and atmosphere of their interiors.

“Our new Living Spaces range, which includes both printed and higher-end, foliage-filled glass box screens, ticks all those boxes and more.

“The screens answer safety concerns whilst at the same time allowing businesses to be front-facing and ready to go at short notice, by using aesthetically-pleasing interventions that don’t impact on existing space and enable greater numbers of covers.

“Customers, meanwhile, will be given an instant feeling of confidence right from the front door.”

The entire product is able to be recycled or reused, in line with the sustainable values of its creators. Twilight Trees is a carbon-neutral organisation for whom sustainability is a key brand value.

The company’s UK tree-planting programme is combined with its commitment to the REDD initiative, seeking to protect the Amazon’s rain forests.

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