Twin Peaks inspires cocktail with Wild Turkey bourbon

Wild Turkey Midnight On A Moonless Night Twin Peaks

A damn fine cocktail of coffee, using Wild Turkey whiskey, has been inspired by the cult TV show, Twin Peaks.

The serve, called Midnight On A Moonless Night (pictured), is based on the lead character Dale Cooper’s love of “a damn fine cup of coffee” alongside a slice of cherry pie. The deep vanilla and caramel notes of Wild Turkey 81 bourbon is a natural match for the strong coffee, balanced by orange liqueur and sugar. It comes in a coffee cup over ice with a slice of pie.

It is the welcome drink at The Owls Are Not What They Seem, a new dining event in London in which guests find themselves submerged into a dreamscape in the style of Twin Peaks creator David Lynch. Complemented by Wild Turkey cocktails, a three-course experimental dinner is served in a custom-built American diner inspired by the classic early 1990s show.

After dinner, guests are encouraged to move through the themed sets before reaching an Americana drinking den where they can watch cabaret performances while sipping Wild Turkey cocktails such as an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan.

The events, created by Lemonade and Laughing Gas with Blanch & Shock, take place in a secret location in Farringdon until November 21. Tickets are £66.50 for the full dining ticket and £5 for weekend bar entry. Visit

Midnight On A Moonless Night
35ml Wild Turkey 81 bourbon
10ml Orange liqueur
10ml Sugar
100ml Cold brew coffee
Stirred and served in coffee cup over ice with a slice of pie.

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