Uber promotes cab bookings via digital posters in bars

Uber d-media digital poster

App-based cab service Uber is to promote bookings in pubs, bars and clubs through a link-up with digital posters provided by D-Media.

The advertising will drive brand awareness, reminding consumers that they can order a taxi via Uber and telling them how to download the app using technology embedded in the screens.

This uses near-field communication (NFC) that allows enabled smartphones to communicate at close range with a “beacon” that emits a long-range 35-metre signal, provided by technology company Tamoco.

It launched at the end of September via D-Media’s screens in pubs, bars and clubs in London, Manchester and Liverpool. Currently in 122 venues, D-Media has contracts in place to supply its 19-inch HD digital posters to over 1,000 outlets.

Kevin Dougall, chief executive of D-Media, said: “With an average weekly footfall of 100,000 consumers per week, this campaign for Uber could reach over a million potential customers across the 12-week campaign.

Our trials to date indicate that advertising on D-Media’s digital posters can increase market share for drinks brands so we are confident that we can deliver increased booking results for Uber.

“Using beacons embedded in our screens will allow Uber to engage directly with customers while they are in a pub or bar.”

Sam Amrani, founder and executive chairman of Tamoco, added: “The use of proximity technology in the pub and bar environment is ideal, not only because consumers have a lot of dwell time, but also because it’s a great education experience for those who may have not seen the technology being used before.

“Technologies such as NFC and beacon are going to become increasingly relevant for both brands in their marketing and digital strategies.”

The digital posters are installed at no cost to the licensee who receives 20% of all revenue generated by them, helping operators to unlock incremental profit for their venue.

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