UK launch for Dutch botanically flavoured Lowlander Beers

Lowlander beers

Lowlander Beers, inspired by the rich history of Dutch brewing and botanical distilling, have been launched in the UK through Love Drinks.

First bottled in the Netherlands in December last year, the range is made up of three beers – an IPA, a Poorter and a white ale – brewed using botanicals.

Love Drinks, the premium spirits and beer distributor, will present the beers for tasting at the Boutique Bar Show in Manchester on Wednesday May 18.

Lowlander’s “chief botanical officer”, Frederik Kampman, worked for years, both at home and abroad, in breweries and gin and genever distilleries. He said: “I entered the world of distilling and fell in love with botanicals. As a beer-lover I grew curious about what kind of characters these special flavours could give to beer.”

He was inspired by the rich history of Dutch brewing combined with a passion for distilling. The Golden Age saw Dutch explorers travel the globe and return home with cargos brimming with precious herbs and spices. These botanicals soon made their way into Dutch beer, adding extra flavour.

Lowlander White Ale, at 5% ABV, is a beer style typical to the Dutch Lowlands but with an appealing twist by spiking it with curaçao orange, elderflower and camomile, giving it a fragrant fruity finish. It is a tribute to the restless and rugged spirit of renowned Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz whose attempt to navigate the Northeast passage saw his crew fight the twin terrors of polar bears and frozen beer.

Lowlander IPA, at 6% ABV, with its hints of botanicals and spice, is a tribute to the spirit of adventure and quick thinking of Dutch seafarers who brought back not only spices from the East but also monkeys that they would sell to tavern-keepers to pay off drinking debts. Indonesian as opposed to Indian, Lowlander uses coriander and white tea to give it a citrusy, fruity and bitter taste.

Lowlander Poorter, at 5% ABV, is a style of beer named after a “poorter” who would haul sacks filled with herbs and spices from tradesmen’s ships to the gates of cities – a tradition that has led some to argue that the porter style of beer claimed by the British is in fact Dutch. This brew is a typically Dutch beer with liquorice root and vanilla that delivers a robust, sweet and drinkable Poorter.

All three Lowlander Beers are suited to food pairings as well as use in cocktails. Lowlander White Ale can be paired with seafood, salads or spicy food, while the IPA works wonderfully with Asian cuisine. The Poorter can be drunk alongside roasted or grilled meats and desserts, particularly chocolate.

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