UK launch for French aperitif made with ruby red grapefruit

Pampelle aperitif

The bitter-sweet flavours of organic ruby red grapefruit from Corsica are captured in a new French aperitif being launched in the UK.

Pampelle combines the fruit with botanicals to create a versatile new product that works in a range of cocktails from a simple Spritz to replacing the Campari in a French twist on a Negroni.

It has been developed by Think Brands, an independent spirits company founded by Patrick Borg, which last year introduced premium fig liqueur Esprit de Figues in the UK. Pampelle will be distributed in the UK by spirits specialist Mangrove.

The grapefruits are harvested in Corsica and then macerated in copper vats at a distillery in Cognac to extract their vibrant flavours and natural citrus aromas.

It is then enhanced with high-quality citrus peel and other botanicals from around the world including yuzu from Japan, cedrat from France and bitter orange bigarade from Haiti. The botanicals are distilled and blended with cinchona tree bark quinine, gentian bitters and a grape eau de vie.

The grapefruits are pressed and reduced until they become a deep, velvety red and combined with the distilled botanicals. It is bottled at 15% ABV.

Each boldly-designed bottle is stamped with the seal of a damselfly, a protected native species that represents the delicate environment of south-west France’s grape-growing region.

Patrick said: “Inspired by my Mediterranean heritage and love for all things French, I am delighted to announce the global launch of Pampelle Apéritif Français to the world, and thrilled that it is now available through Mangrove in the UK.”

Nick Gillett, managing director of Mangrove, added: “Pampelle is a fantastic addition to Mangrove’s liqueur portfolio. The distinctive packaging is inviting, and the clarity of flavour is testament to the craftsmanship. It makes the perfect base for cocktails and we anticipate it becoming the go-to drink this summer.”

Pampelle Spritz
2 parts Pampelle
3 parts prosecco
1 part soda
Add ice to a large wine glass and pour in the Pampelle. Add the prosecco and a splash of soda before finishing with a slice of ruby grapefruit.

Ruby Rose
1 part Pampelle
3 parts Provençal rosé wine
1 part soda
Add ice to a large wine glass and pour in the Pampelle and rosé before adding a splash of soda and finishing with a slice of ruby grapefruit.

French Negroni
1 part Pampelle
1 part gin
1 part sweet vermouth
Add ice to a tumbler or rocks glass, pour in the ingredients and give a slight stir. Serve with a twist of ruby grapefruit peel.

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