UK launch for Candy Skull vodka shots with sweets

Candy Skull

A range of vodkas for drinking as shots paired with sweets has been launched in the UK by Funky Spirits, with branding inspired by Mexico’s Day of the Dead festival.

Candy Skull is a wheat-based vodka, distilled multiple times to create an “elegant” taste, and bottled at 37.5% ABV. It comes in five flavours, each paired to a specific sweet, supplied in small “aftershot” pots containing 28 pieces of confectionery each.

The Apple Grimace goes with a “grimacing” sour sweet, while the Berry Burst, flavoured with forest fruits, pairs with strawberry popping candy.

Lemon Explosion comes with a zingy lemon sherbet, Raspberry Crunch is matched with white chocolate crunchies, and Vanilla Fudgetastic pairs with luxurious Cornish fudge cubes.

The Candy Skull brand was inspired by the colourful and lively Dia de Muertos festival, or Day of the Dead, when Mexicans celebrate and honour their deceased loved ones. Sweets and alcohol are two of the most common offerings used to decorate graves and altars.

Candy Skull will be showcased at the Taste of London food and drink festival in Regents Park from June 17 to 21.

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