UK launch for Corazón Single Estate Tequilas

Corazon tequilas

Drinks distributor Hi-Spirits is launching a four-strong line-up of Corazón Single Estate Tequilas in the UK on and off-trade.

Corazón is owned by Sazerac, whose portfolio also spans brands including Southern Comfort, Buffalo Trace, Fireball and Paddy Whiskey.

The tequila, which is single estate-cultivated, distilled and hand-bottled, is produced by the “environmentally and socially responsible” Casa San Matias Distillery, one of the few family-owned agave estates and distilleries in Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico.

Corazón Tequila is made from 100% blue Weber agave sourced from the Highlands of Jalisco. During the distillation process, oxygen is infused into the tequila after the second distillation to produce a spirit that is “softer and more approachable with enhanced aromas and distinct flavours”.

The four-strong line-up of Corazón Single Estate Tequilas coming to the UK, all at 40% ABV, includes Corazón Blanco, Corazón Reposado, Corazón Añejo, and Corazón Extra Añejo.

Hi-Spirits is targeting a core demographic of 25-35-year-old cocktail drinkers and spirits explorers with the Corazón range.

Dan Bolton, managing director of Hi-Spirits, said: “Quite simply, Casa San Matias is currently distilling the finest tequilas in the world, and we’re delighted to be adding Corazón to our portfolio of brands.

“Tequila is a huge opportunity for the UK spirits market, and with serves generally weighted towards shots in the on-trade in particular, we see a strong opportunity with the launch of the Corazón range to shift that perception.

“We want to engage the growing number of knowledgeable consumers who enjoy cocktails both when they’re out to eat and drink, and at home, and who appreciate spirits with authenticity and provenance, as we’ve seen with the craft gin boom.

“Along with premium cocktail serve ideas, we’re offering information about the heritage of premium tequila and the terroir of agave, tapping into that artisan spirits trend.

“While consumers appreciate classic cocktails such as the Paloma and Margarita, there is so much more to enjoy. We’re making the Verdita our signature serve for Corazón, positioning it as the ‘unknown classic’ cocktail that consumers will come to love!”

The Verdita (to accompany a 50ml measure of Corazón)
Half bunch of mint
1 Bunch of fresh coriander
3 Green Jalapenos (can be scaled back if too spicy)
1.3L Pure pasteurised pineapple juice
Quarter cucumber with skin
8-10 inch Watermelon cubes
Pinch black pepper
Blend the mix, strain it and chill before serving.

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