UK launch for Five Farms Irish Cream

Five Farms Irish Cream

McCormick Distilling, producer of Tequila Rose Strawberry Cream Liqueur and Broker’s Gin, is bringing Five Farms Irish Cream to the UK on-trade.

Entirely sourced and produced in County Cork, Ireland, Five Farms is created by combining single batches of fresh cream with premium triple-distilled Irish whiskey.

The brand’s name derives from the five family-owned farms that go back generations in the region that provide the product’s rich dairy cream.

Already well known in Ireland and the US, Five Farms is setting out to “define the standards” of the Irish cream category and for discerning drinkers in the UK.

Five Farms co-founder Johnny Harte said: “I wanted to make a high-quality, premium liqueur, but I wanted to go back to the land, back to where cream liqueurs were created in Ireland a long time ago.

“The conditions in County Cork made it ideal. There is a micro-climate there, as it is where the North Atlantic drift or Gulf Stream first meets the Irish coastline. That means, in Ireland, it’s where most grass is grown for the longest part of the year and the cows can stay on the grass for longer, too.

“Milk and cream lustre comes from the grass the cows eat. Five Farms is the only cream liqueur in the world that comes from cows fed exclusively on grass.

“I also wanted to go back to the origins of Irish cream and use the most Irish whiskey in the drink as that no longer happens elsewhere. The result is a truly robust Irish cream that people will taste the difference in when they try it.

“It celebrates the culture of farming in Ireland, the dedication of the farmers and that’s why we called it Five Farms.”

Patrick Fee, vice president of marketing at McCormick Distilling, added: “The launch of Five Farms in the UK provides a brand new ‘top shelf’ option for the on-trade.

“Previously, lovers of Irish cream had very limited options – none of which were premium. Five Farms provides the luxuriousness that customers want when they are out and are willing to pay more for.”

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