UK launch for Four Fox Saké

Four Fox Saké

Four Fox Saké has launched to the UK, with a mission to “revitalise” the ancient tradition of sake in London.

Spearheaded by London entrepreneurs Oliver Proudlock & Fraser Carruthers, Four Fox debuted to the Hong Kong market in 2015. Since then, it has launched in Macau, Las Vegas, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Toronto.

The spirit originates in the mountains of Niigata, and is made with pure snowmelt water and 100% local Gohyakumangoku rice.

The playful brand pays homage to the fox spirits of Inari Okami, the Japanese Goddess of rice, saké, and swordsmiths. According to myth, the fox spirits guard the Torii gates to a shrine, letting only the purest spirits through, transitioning from the human to the divine.

Four Fox’s bottle design pays further tribute to its origins; the metallic finish aims to mirror the superior metal of the ancient swordsmiths blessed by Inari. This tribute continues in the Katana samurai sword strikingly cut-out on each side.

Four Fox Saké is currently stocked in exclusive London venues including Mahiki Kensington, Raffles Nightclub, Albert’s, Cuckoo, Foley’s and Cirque le Soir to name a few.

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