UK launch for Moldovan honey-infused vodka

firestarter vodka

A smooth super-premium honey-infused vodka from Moldova, called Firestarter, has been launched in the UK after its success in overseas markets.

It has been introduced by independent distributor Molvino Fine Wines and Spirits Co which specialises in good-quality drinks products, especially from eastern Europe.

Firestarter Vodka originates from the Republic of Moldova, using a 19th-century recipe. It is made with winter wheat from eastern Europe and then triple-distilled and filtered five times through platinum.

During the final distillation, Firestarter is infused with honey to give extra body and richness. It is being promoted for use as a shot, in long mixed drinks and in cocktails.

Mark Ingam, business development manager at Molvino Fine Wines and Spirits Co, said: “Our focus as a company is to develop the very best products in the world that offer distinct taste profiles and unique packaging.

“Firestarter Vodka is already a huge success across Europe, USA and Australia and we are looking to emulate that success here in the UK.”

Firestarter Vodka is described as being fresh on the nose with sweet grains, with an accent of wet river stones and hints of spring flowers. On the palate, it is silky with a dose of sweetness from its wheat base, with citrus notes on the finish.

It is packaged in a canister with a bartender-friendly high-speed pour spout and simple twist-off valve cap. In the UK, it comes in 70cl bottles and will soon also be available in a one-litre bottle.

Recipes include the Firestarter Vodka Cocktail, mixing it with triple sec, peach schnapps, sloe gin and Coca Cola, served over ice and stirred

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