UK launch for Mucha Liga Tequila

Mucha Liga Tequila

London-based drinks distributor Gravity Drinks has launched Mucha Liga, a range of premium tequilas which celebrate Mexican culture, in the UK.

Mucha Liga Tequila draws inspiration from Lucha Libre, a type of professional wrestling originating in Mexico, characterised by colourful masks and rapid, acrobatic manoeuvres. The range comprises three expressions: Bravo Blanco, Canibal Reposado and Invicto Anejo.

The tequila is grown and distilled at the Juanacatlan distillery in the La Ciénega region of Jalisco, Mexico using 100% Blue Weber Agave grown 1,530 metres above sea level. This higher elevation leads to more sunlight, meaning more residual sugars in the agave.

The heart of the agave, or piña, are harvested by hand at between six to ten years of age to be cooked in traditional brick ovens for at least 48 hours. Shredding mills then obtain the juices, or mosto, from the cooked agave to be fermented for up to 96 hours in open air tanks using a specially crafted yeast.

Following this, the mosto is twice distilled in traditional pot still, creating the blanco tequila, Bravo, which is used as the base for each expression.

Both the reposado, Canibal, and anejo, Invicto, are aged in ex-bourbon American white oak barrels for up to six months and 18 months respectively.

Each bottle is hand blown and painted using a 100% Mexican hand-crafted design representing Lucha Libre masks to create a “striking and vibrant display of Mexican culture”.

Matthew Maslin, managing director of Gravity Drinks, said: “We are thrilled to be launching Mucha Liga into the UK market.

“It’s no secret that agave-based spirits like tequila and mezcal are on the up-and-up in the UK and Mucha Liga ticks all the boxes for today’s tequila-lover; it’s traditional, high-quality tequila in a fantastic, eye-catching bottle with a refreshingly modern attitude towards sustainability and gender equality. What’s not to love?”

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