UK launch for premium cachaça aiming beyond Caipirinhas

yaguara cachaca

A premium cachaça, made from a blend of aged and unaged spirit, is being launched in the UK with ambitions to shake up the category.

Yaguara is a white organic cachaça produced in small batches in Brazil, with a triple filtration to create a soft, full-bodied spirit with floral notes of camomile and lemongrass.

Already launched in Brazil and the US, it was developed to provide bartenders with a versatile cachaça that can be used to create more than just the classic Caipirinha.

It was created for the Meneghel distilling family by Brazilian master blender Erwin Weimann as an artisan cachaça that uses only the juiciest part of the sugar cane at the centre and a narrow cut of the heart of the distilled spirit.

The final blend is made from a combination of distillate rested for eight months and a proportion aged for five to six years in carvalho oak barrels.

Erwin said: “We’ve been making cachaça in this country for nearly 500 years. Our key is to draw on a tradition of high-quality artisanal craftsmanship combined with the latest technology.”

The bottle has been designed by leading glass artist Brian Clarke, taking inspiration from the Roman patterns used by landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx on the Copacabana promenade. Its name is Portuguese for jaguar.

It has been launched by drinks company Carmosina headed by Hamilton Lowe and Thyrso Camargo, supported by Hamilton’s father Frank Lowe, who provides expertise based on his background helping to develop brands such as Heineken and Stella Artois.

They are working with Brazilian bartender Marcio Silva who has created serves to showcase the unique cachaça, from a simple long drink with ginger ale over ice to original cocktails.

Leading bartenders have embraced the new cachaça such as Jim Meehan, formerly of PDT in New York City, and Alex Skarlen, formerly of Experimental Cocktail Club in London’s Chinatown.

Alex’s creations include Made It To Saffron, combining Yaguara with lime juice, fresh ginger and Strega syrup. “For a bartender that was never really a cachaça fan, Yaguara Cachaça has turned me and opened my palate to this amazing Brazilian spirit,” he said. “Highly recommended in everything from a stirred drink without any citrus to nicely balanced sours.”

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