UK launch for Satryna Tequila

Satryna Blanco Tequila

Small-batch premium tequila brand Satryna has released its triple-distilled Blanco and Cristalino Añejo Claro variants in the UK.

Launched by Nitzan Marrun, maestra tequilera mireida cortes and brand ambassador Elizabet Tovar, Satryna is the result of three generations of craftsmanship, following a 60-year-old recipe from Mexico’s Tequilera Newton distillery.

Satryna is made from 100% blue weber agave, sourced from the rich volcanic soil of Jalisco near Guadalajara. After 12 years of nurturing, each hand-selected plant is then carefully harvested. Steam cooked for 24 hours and triple distilled, the tequila is then aged in special oak barrels imported from Cognac and California.

The tequila is bottled in a bespoke decanter inspired by Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos celebrations, otherwise known as Day of the Dead.

The intricately crafted metal skull cap is based on an original design by Mexican craftsmen from Oaxaca, while the neck collars are engraved with ancient Aztec art.

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