New brand launch set to develop raicilla in UK

Raicilla Estancia

A raicilla – a Mexican spirit made from the musts of the agave plant that is used for tequila – is being launched in the UK.

Paving the way for the little-known style of spirit, Estancia Raicilla is being introduced through leading wholesaler Amathus drinks, a specialist in mezcal, and distributor Proof Drinks.

The refined, historic spirit is obtained from the distillation of musts derived from grinding mature hearts of Agave Maximiliana which have ripened for 10 to 15 years in the high-altitude regions of the Sierra Madre Occidental.

In this cooler climate, the maturation of the agave gives raicilla floral characteristics which has led to its profile being described as a combination of tequila, mezcal and gin.

The aromatic Estancia Raicilla has a light nose with notes of citrus and roasted fruits and a crisp and balanced palate with a medium sweetness and smooth mouth-feel.

It can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks and also as an ingredient in various dishes and desserts in Mexican cuisine.

Amathus Drinks’ agave ambassador, Jon Anders Borchgrevink Fjeldsrud, said: “Amathus has been at the forefront of many new trends in the UK market – artisanal cachaça from Brazil, pisco from Peru, and mezcal, to name a few.

“Raicilla is made in Jalisco from Agave Maximiliana, also known as Lechuguilla. Estancia Raicilla is a welcome addition to our portfolio and a great introduction to the world that is raicilla. Exciting times!”

The raicilla is produced by R&J Estancia Distillery, founded in 2014 by Rio Chenery who was inspired by his grandfather’s love of the spirit. It is made using traditional techniques and comes in hand-crafted bottled made from recycled Coca-Cola bottles.

To celebrate the partnership and introduce this new spirit to the UK, Amathus will be holding a tasting and masterclass at its store in Soho in London led by Rio on September 2, followed by a launch party at El Camion restaurant and bar in Soho on September 5.

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