World’s first coconut water soda is launched in UK

big boss palm

Billed as the world’s first coconut water soda, Big Boss Palm has been launched in the UK, targeted at cafés and bars.

Made from 99.5% not-from-concentrate coconut water, the coconut and vanilla soda can be served on its own over ice and used as an alternative to mainstream mixers. It is recommended for mixing with most spirits including gin, vodka and rum, plus a twist of lime or a sprig of mint.

Despite tasting like a cream soda, it has only 3.5g natural sugar per 100ml and 50 calories per can. It delivers a citrus bite, followed by warm toasted coconut, smooth vanilla and a very creamy finish from the coconut water.

All of the coconuts are sourced from Ratchaburi in Thailand where the nuts are renowned for their natural sweetness and rich flavour.

Big Boss Palm was created by brand consultant and designer Ayesha Sherriffs who previously worked wtih Smiths of Smithfields, Fifteen, Century and The Hospital in London. After its launch in Dubai in 2015, the new brand has taken off across United Arab Emirates.

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