UK release for 50-year-old Glen Grant whisky

Glen Grant 50

Glen Grant has released an exceptionally rare edition of Glen Grant that has been matured for 50 years.

The cask was hand-filled on October 28, 1963, by Dennis Malcolm who went on to become master distiller of Glen Grant. Only 150 bottles of the whisky will be available globally, taken from the cask on November 25 last year.

Dennis said: “I have protected and cared for this barrel for 50 years, letting it breathe and patiently waiting for the magic and interaction of whisky and wood.

“Only time measures our pursuit of perfection. Maturation cannot be rushed. Like people, casks mature at their own pace.”

The Glen Grant 50 Year Old comes in a hand-blown crystal glass decanter, created and individually refined by the skilled craftsmen at Glencairn Crystal, the last family-owned crystal glass company in Scotland.

Each decanter is hand engraved, hand numbered and finished with the number 50 in 18-carat gold lettering. The design is based on Glen Grant’s tall, slender pot stills which were created by James “The Major” Grant over a century ago.

The decanter is housed in a copper-lined Scottish oak box made from new oak, worked by a highly skilled cabinet maker.

Each Glen Grant 50 Year Old comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by Dennis and every craftsman involved.

After being launched in Asia’s travel retail market earlier this year, it was released in the UK on October 27 via The Whisky Exchange at a recommended price of £3,500 per bottle.

Glen Grant, which is part of the Gruppo Campari portfolio, also comprises The Major’s Reserve, 10 Year Old, 16 Year Old, 1992 Cellar Reserve, the 170th Anniversary Limited Edition, and the Five Decades Edition.

Glen Grant was founded in 1840 in Speyside by former smuggling brothers John and James Grant and continued by James’s son, The Major.

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