UK release for Bacardí’s new premium aged Cuatro rum

bacardi cuatro ANEJO

Bacardí has announced the UK release of a new premium rum, Añejo Cuatro, which has been barrel-aged for at least four years.

It has been created to tap into the growing number of spirit enthusiasts looking to trade up to more premium expressions, moving away from just mixing rum to appreciating its more sophisticated, complex side.

Aged for at least four years in the Caribbean, Bacardí Cuatro has flavours of mild vanilla, toasted oak, clove and honey, with ABV of 40%.

Sarah Doyle, vice president for Europe for Bacardí rum, said: “The future of rum is bright, and we are excited to introduce an accessible entry point to premium rums with Bacardí Cuatro.

“As people become more adventurous and aware of what they drink, we think now is the perfect time to spark conversation about the versatility and enjoyability of the Bacardí rum portfolio among a new generation of LDA (legal drinking age) drinkers.”

The new rum has been created in collaboration with Bacardí’s master blenders, or maestros de ron. As maturation occurs faster in warmer regions, Bacardí rums often boast the same level of depth and character as a whisky that is aged twice or three times as long in cooler climates such as Scotland.

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