UK release for Japanese blended malt finished in cedar casks

Kamiki Whisky

A blend of malt whiskies from Japan and other countries, finished in Japanese cedar casks, has been released in the UK.

Made with pure Japanese spring water, Kamiki Whisky has notes of heather honey, sweet caramel and Japanese plum, balanced with oak, peat and toffee. The cedar casks provide hints of sandalwood and green tea.

Produced in Nara in Japan, it is non-chill-filtered to keep its natural flavours and bottled at 48% ABV. It has been introduced in the UK through distributor Artisan Spirits Company, founded by Damien and Jenny Egan to represent small-batch producers from around the world.

With the Nara region well-known for its temples and Mount Wakakusa, Kamiki’s name is inspired by the breezes coming from the “mountain of god”, with “kami” meaning “god” and “iki” meaning “breath”.

Damien said: “The Japanese whisky category is growing in popularity and we’re extremely excited to be adding Kamiki to our portfolio.”

Kamiki was the best-performing Japanese whisky at the Ultimate Spirit Challenge 2018, scoring 95 points, ahead of other well-known whiskies from Japan.

Damien added: “We’re excited to bring to market a diverse portfolio of spirits, bitters and garnishes and are keen to share the unique stories behind each of the products we distribute.”

Its other brands include California’s Griffo Distillery and Uncle Val’s spirits, Dashfire Bitters and Kura Pure Malt Whisky from Japan.

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