Uncle Val’s Gin launches two new expressions in UK

Uncle Val's new gins

Two new expressions have been released in the UK from the makers of Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin from Oregon, US.

Distributed in the UK by Artisan Spirits Company, the brand has added The Restorative, which is made with botanicals including cucumber, coriander and rose petals, giving it a crisp, floral taste profile.

The other addition is The Peppered which uses roasted bell pepper, pimento and black pepper. Bold and smooth in character, it starts with sharp peppercorn and evolves into char and juniper.

Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin is made by 3 Badge Beverage Corporation with botanicals including cucumber, sage, lemon and lavender, inspired by distiller August Sebastiani’s favourite uncle from Tuscany.

All three expressions come in a green glass bottle modelled after traditional gin bottles from the 18th century with sides that slowly taper inward towards the bottom.

Artisan Spirits Company is partnering gin bar The Oliver Conquest in Whitechapel in London which is making Uncle Val’s its gin of the month in August.

The pub’s co-owner Sara Davis said: “We are really looking forward to being able to show off the range as we are such big fans and are looking forward to creating some delicious cocktails for the month including a tasting trio of Martinis and Negronis.”

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