Uncommon beers bring bacon and lavender flavours

uncommon bacon

Two new beers with unusual flavours have been added to the line-up available in the UK from Californian brewer Uncommon.

Importer Left Coast Distribution has added Bacon Brown Ale, at 6.8% ABV, which is brewed with buckwheat and bacon-cured pork. The aroma is noble hop with bacon smokiness. The bacon flavour arrives primarily on the finish, growing more apparent as the beer is drunk.

Also new to the Nottingham-based company’s portfolio is Steamers Lane Lager from Uncommon Brewers. At 4.3% ABV, it is a sessionable beer brewed with lavender blossoms to provide toasty and caramel flavours, coupled by pronounced hop bitterness.

The beers from the Santa Cruz-based microbrewery have been introduced to respond to British beer drinkers’ growing demand for new ingredients and flavours.

Other Uncommon beers already available from Left Coast include the unfiltered, unpasteurised Golden State Ale, at 6.4% ABV), which is a Belgian pale ale that balances the sweet, tangy bite of poppy seeds with the aromatics of a simple California yeast.

Other are Baltic Porter, at 7.4% ABV, which features a blend of whole liquorice root and star anise, and Siamese Twin, at 8.5% ABV, a Belgian-style dubbel seasoned with coriander, lemongrass and kaffir lime, and blended with a deep malt.

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