Uncommon beers join UK importer’s Californian line-up

uncommon beer california left coastCanned beers from Uncommon Brewers has been added to the growing portfolio of Californian craft beers available in the UK through importer Left Coast Distribution.

The brewer’s 473ml cans of Golden State Ale, Baltic Porter and Siamese Twin brings the number of Golden State beers in Left Coast’s range to 22. It is also exclusive importer for North Coast Brewing Company, Ruhstaller and Mavericks.

Inspired by the official flower of Californian, Golden State Ale (GSA) is a 6.4% ABV Belgian-style golden ale. Balancing the sweet, tangy bite of poppy seeds with the aromatics of a simple California yeast, GSA is unfiltered and unpasteurised and designed to grow in character during the time it ages.

Siamese Twin is an 8.5% ABV Belgian-style Dubbel, seasoned with coriander and Thai spices. Deep russet brown in colour, with a frosting-like head, the early floral notes give way to lemongrass and sharper bite of kaffir lime blend with a deep malt.

Siamese Twin is the perfect accompaniment to curries from the Indian subcontinent and the spicy offerings of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Baltic Porter is brewed with whole liquorice root and star anise. At 7.8% ABV, it is fermented warm with an ale yeast in flagrant disregard of modern-style guidelines, working instead towards a heritage pre-lager treatment of the style.

Subtle liquorice and anise notes are present in the Baltic Porter’s nose. The body is surprisingly light, with liquorice sweetness helping to balance a smoky chocolate malt character. There should be clear notes of roasted barley on the finish.

Left Coast co-founder Nigel Garlick, who also owns Boilermaker bar in Nottingham, said: “Uncommon Brewers produce craft beers for those who like to think while they drink. The flavour profiles on all three beers is deep, rich and sophisticated.

“It’s also worth considering that, not dissimilar to some wines, Uncommon’s brews age very well. The can you’ll be tasting now and the can you’ll be tasting in a few months’ time can be very different. They’re really interesting craft beers.”

Uncommon’s chief brewmaster Alec Stefansky added: “It’s been fantastic to see the recent boom of the craft beer market in the UK, particularly the upsurge in interest for high-quality canned beers.

“We’ve seen a great initial response to our beers from British consumers and we’re going to keep doing our best to raise a thirst for more uncommon beers.”

Uncommon Brewers is a community-oriented organic microbrewery beginning operations in Santa Cruz county. Incorporating traditional Belgian brewing techniques, cutting-edge innovation from the modern West Coast, and grounded in the principles of sustainability of the Slow Food Movement, their goal is to make “uncommon beers for uncommon people”.

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