Unique Fruit Garnishes Continue To Deliver The Perfect Serve With Growth Across The UK

The innovative ready-to-use freeze-dried fruit garnishes developed by Mixologist’s Garden to help bartenders create the perfect serve, are enjoying significant triple digit growth since their launch just 18 months ago. 

Hand selected for their superior quality and freeze-dried to deliver 100% flavour and appearance, the garnishes can be stored at ambient temperatures, have a long shelf life and are waste free.  Once added to a drink, they quickly rehydrate on contact with liquid as the structure of the fruit is not impacted by the freeze-drying process. Bar managers and mixologists have also been experimenting with the fruits by crushing them for use as a fruit dust enhancement, for stencilling, and for decorating the rims of glasses.   

Mixologist’s Garden fruit garnishes are available in resealable 100g pouches, RRP £11-16 per 100g pouch.  Each 100g pouch is equivalent to approximately 1kg of fresh fruit. 

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