Unveiling the Thatchers Fusion Font – The new way of serving fruit cider

The Thatchers Cider Fusion Font

Thatchers Cider has unveiled its new 3 in 1 Fusion Font, now available to on-trade operators.

A first for the cider industry, the unique Thatchers Fusion Font embraces world leading innovation and pioneering technology to bring the choice of three infused premium fruit flavoured ciders to the bar in one single font. Dispensed to offer customers the perfect pint of Thatchers Cider, the 3 in 1 Fusion Font brings craft and innovation together for great tasting, premium infused cider.

With one font dispensing three ciders, from one keg and through one line, the 3 in 1 Fusion Font uses less cellar and bar space than three separate lines, meaning lower maintenance, less space and more choice.

“This is world leading innovation – a first for Thatchers and a first for the industry. We’re introducing a unique dispense system that will add to consumer experience at the bar,” says Martin Thatcher, fourth generation at the independent Somerset cider maker.

At the point of pour, the Thatchers Fusion Font infuses a micro measure of the selected fruit flavour into a pint of Thatchers premium apple cider, creating one of three freshly mixed ciders.  As the cider is being dispensed through the Fusion Font it delivers a unique sensory experience of flavour and aroma.

Drinkers get the same expertly crafted apple cider, with a freshly-mixed infusion hitting the glass as one. One font, one line, three ciders.

Thatchers Cloudy Lemon is one of the three ciders to feature on the Fusion Font, making its appearance in the on-trade for the first time.  It is accompanied by Thatchers Dark Berry, and a new flavour, Thatchers Blood Orange.  

Prior to lockdown, the Thatchers Fusion Font was trialled in selected managed houses across the South West with Cloudy Lemon and Dark Berry flavours.

Rob Sandall, Thatchers On-Trade Director says,

“This is an amazing innovation that brings together the biggest flavour trends in food and drink to the bar in one font – including Thatchers Cloudy Lemon which has taken the off-trade by storm since its launch in spring 2020. There it has grown to become the No 4 fruit cider brand* in a short space of time, and now we’re delighted to be bringing it to the on-trade for the first time on draught.

“The Fusion Font also includes a brand new flavour, Thatchers Blood Orange, which is being launched into the take home trade this spring.”

Rob offers this insight to operators,

“With half of all fruit cider in the on-trade sold on draught, this pioneering technology with Fusion Font opens up brand new theatre to the bar, allowing operators to tap into fresh opportunities and offer drinkers exciting experiences, such as cider cocktails. 

“Customers will love the sensory experience of the Fusion Font, as the aroma of the freshly mixed infusion hits the glass. 

“Meeting consumer expectations at the bar in an engaging way is so important. Three flavours in one font, from one keg and through one cooled line, brings with it a significant reduction in the need for glass bottles, resulting in less packaging waste, meaning when your customers choose a cider from Thatchers Fusion Font, they are making a sustainable choice.”

Currently 126 million litres of cider are served in the on-trade each year. 93 million litres are served as draught, and 39% is fruit cider**. The Thatchers Fusion Font gives operators the chance to tap into this important market,  serving three new  fruit flavoured ciders with the confidence they all come with the quality of the Thatchers name.

“We believe this ground-breaking development will transform how cider is enjoyed, revolutionising the category,” concludes Rob.  

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