Updated new design for Irn-Bru looks to its history


A new look is to be unveiled for iconic soft drink Irn-Bru in March, with a modern twist that gives a nod to its rich heritage.

The new design will retain the existing blue and orange colours but update the brand’s “girder” symbol – dating back to its light-hearted advertising claim that it was “made in Scotland from girders”.

It will also feature the image of Highland strongman Adam Brown who appeared on the label when Irn-Bru was launched in 1901.

This is only the eighth time that Irn-Bru’s look has been updated in its 115 years. The new designs seek to ensure the cans and bottles have strong stand-out on shelves and behind the bar.

Adrian Troy, head of marketing for Irn-Bru at AG Barr, explained: “Girders are such a strong part of our heritage – we knew we had to have them front and centre on our packs.

“The new designs really modernise Irn-Bru but stays true to our roots – Irn-Bru is a brand built on strength and power. The packaging is iconic and stands out and ensures Irn-Bru’s position as original and best.”

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