Creating the right environment for your paying customers is essential if you wish them to feel comfortable and to stay longer which in turn leads to a greater expenditure on food and beverages.

A key element of achieving the correct ambience is lighting. Many older establishments have fluorescent lights that look dated and out of place and yet the new LED lights often produce a harsh cold light.

For over 25 years Transformation Tubes have been helping Bars, hotels, restaurants etc to add a splash of colour to their premises. Due to the cost effectiveness of either filter sleeves or gels it enables establishments not only to upgrade their lighting but also change the colours for special themed events for example green for St Patrick’s day.


 We are able to supply ready formed filter sleeves to fit either T4, T5,T8 or T12 fluorescent tubes and sleeves for PL lamps can be provided to special order. The gel material is available in either sheet or roll format and can easily be cut to the required shape or size, especially useful when trying to improve LED spots etc or to use in diffusors.

Our web site www.transformationtubes.co.uk has colour indicators of the vast array of colours along with how to install the filter sleeves etc, you can even order on line.

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