US cuisine inspires new seasoning from McCormick

mccormick old bay seasoning

Americana and retro glamour have inspired the latest new seasoning to be launched by McCormick into UK foodservice.

It has introduced classic Old Bay Seasoning, based on the recipe created in Maryland in the US 77 years ago, combining celery salt, pepper and paprika.

Available in 280g jars, it can be added before, during and after cooking and can add new flavours to seafood, chicken, vegetables, meats and other dishes.

The launch, announced today, follows the boom in barbecue and gourmet burger restaurants and smokehouses in the UK, with forecasts of further growth in US-style cuisine into 2017 and beyond.

The classic Old Bay seasoning has been billed as “a true one-off classic American seasoning” by GQ magazine, which pointed out: “While other spice blends like curry powders and Chinese five spice vary from cupboard to cupboard, Old Bay is Old Bay across the country.”

The launch also matches trends revealed by research group Mintel which says people are looking for authenticity and exciting flavour experiences and are becoming more adventurous, craving new flavours and heat.

Speaking of McCormick’s new seasoning, Rob Morris, food stylist and chef, said: “Old Bay has a soft, smoky aroma with a mellow spice and is great on grilled or pan-fried fish, seafood or meat.” Graham Crump, executive development chef at the University of Warwick, said: “Old Bay is a good, versatile product.”

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