US presidential elections inspire 2016 Campari calendar

campari calendar kate hudson

Since its first outing in 2000, the Campari Calendar has captured the sophistication, style and glamour of the Italian bitter brand. The 2016 calendar has been unveiled starring Hollywood actor Kate Hudson with pictures shot by leading fashion photographer Michelangelo Di Battista.

The theme for 2016 is “The BitterSweet Campaign”, which is inspired by the history of the US presidential election, described as “a metaphor of the duality of two opposing sides”. As further explanation, the publicity says: “Campari embodies a divisive stance, using this metaphor to show Campari’s inherent duality, asking people which aspect they identify with more: bitter versus sweet.”

Gruppo Campari chief executive Bob Kunze-Concewitz added: “I am excited to launch this year’s Campari Calendar, The BitterSweet Campaign in New York, allowing us to once again celebrate Campari’s uniqueness.

“The brand is a true icon continuously renewing itself. It has grown from a local Italian bitter spirit to a world-renowned contemporary global brand and I think this year’s calendar theme inspired by the iconography and mechanism of an election, really captures this essence.

“It is about showing that there are always two sides to every story, person or product, as is the case for Campari. Kate Hudson perfectly personified the two flavours adding the right amount of theatre and seductiveness which allowed Michelangelo’s creative genius to shine, giving the calendar the right balance of modern and classic.”

The BitterSweet Campaign_SEPTEMBER

he BitterSweet Campaign_MARCH

The BitterSweet Campaign_OCTOBER

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