VENUE OF THE MONTH: Nobu Restaurant Shoreditch

10-50 Willow Street, London

Nobu Hotel London Shoreditch is the iconic, culturally immersive destination is located in the heart of vibrant East London. Having re-opened in June 2022 following a two-year hiatus, the property now features a new sixth floor, including the stylish Nobu Shoreditch Penthouse Event Space complete with a spacious private outdoor terrace.

Nestled amidst the energy of East London’s creative district and the financial centre of the city, the hotel delivers the perfect blend of industrial chic and Japanese simplicity. With a wide range of rooms and suites, a world-renowned Nobu restaurant, NAMI bar and alfresco terrace, Nobu Café, a naturally lit event space for 200+ people and a tranquil spa and gym.

It is Nobu’s restaurant outlet that caught our eye for May’s Venue of the Month piece, captained by Executive Chef, Sandi Richmond, who formerly worked at Nobu Instabul. Under Sandi’s direction, the team at Nobu developed the ultimate dining experience.

As diners enter the restaurant, they will be taken down a sweeping staircase to be greeted by a minimalistic restaurant, an open-plan kitchen and sushi counter. Pioneered and created by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, the iconic Nobu menu is influenced by his years of studying Japanese cuisine in Tokyo and his extensive travels. The diverse celebration of flavours formed Nobu’s trademark ‘Nobu Style’, which is intrinsic to all Nobu menus worldwide.

Sandi says: “Nobu is a Japanese-Peruvian style concept. It’s a mix of sushi and small plates served family-style and designed to share. The menu is a mix of Nobu classic dishes that you will find in any Nobu, as well as dishes specifically inspired by each location – such as our East London location.”

Nobu Restaurant Shoreditch seats 240 guests, including a sushi counter Executive Chef Sandi Richmond brings her wealth of experience working in exclusive global hotels and restaurants to deliver Nobu’s signature style in Shoreditch.

The famed Nobu Weekend Brunch offers diners a lively start to the weekend, with a main dish plus unlimited access to the brunch and dessert bar. The Nobu Shoreditch weekend Brunch menu includes tempting starters to share on the table, of Shishito Peppers Miso, Seasonal Miso Soup and Edamame; a variety of main dishes including Scrambled Egg Donburi, Baby Tiger Shrimp Tempura – Creamy Spicy, and Nobu’s signature Black Cod Den Miso.

Sandi observes: “I’d say the Black Cod Den Miso is our best dish. There’s a reason why it’s a Nobu classic – it’s delicious and definitely a must-try for first time visitors.”

The brunch buffet – located on the sushi counter in view of the full theatre of the kitchen – serves up a selection of salads, assorted sushi, sashimi and ceviche, and unlimited indulgent desserts to finish, including Sake Baba with pineapple, Nobu Cheesecake and Tropical Pavlova. Diners can add on free-flowing drinks for two hours with a choice of Prosecco, Beer or Lychee Elderflower Coolers.

Sandi explains: “I think customers visit Nobu for the culturally immersive and family-style dining experience. Brunch is a great way to showcase a lot of our classic dishes, especially for people who have never dined at Nobu before. It’s perfect for guests that want to try as much as possible from the menu, and it includes bottomless sushi – who can resist that…”

From the very beginning, the Nobu brand has been about creating memorable experiences around exceptional food. As artists, chefs and restaurateurs, the longstanding partnership between Nobu’s owners and the visionaries behind the brand – Nobu Matsuhisa, Robert De Niro and Meir Teper – is the foundation of Nobu Hospitality, a global lifestyle brand synonymous with instinctive design, fine ingredients and a passion for heartfelt service.

Speaking of their plans for the future, Sandi reveals: “A goal of mine is to put Nobu Shoreditch on the Map and make it a must-do in London. Long term, I would like to stay at Nobu for the remainder of my career and open more restaurants with the brand.”

Last but not least, Sandi encourages the industry to learn from each other: “No one is perfect and we should all be open to learn from and teach others. My advice would be to stick to the basics, use fresh ingredients and cook from your heart.”

Nobu’s roots are in Japan and the brand wholeheartedly embraces the concept of Japanese Kokoro; the connection between emotions, feelings, spirit and soul. This is the heartbeat of Nobu Restaurants, Hotels and Residences: to deliver authentically inspired moments that promote Kokoro.


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