VENUE OF THE MONTH: Rockwell at The Trafalgar St. James

2 Spring Gardens, London

Looking out on the famous Trafalgar Square, Rockwell is on track to become one of the most popular destinations for a night in the city. The venue ventures beyond boundaries to express their identity; amongst vibrant colours and delicious aromas, their selection of eleven, expertly crafted cocktails is the result of a desire for innovation, while also being sustainable and celebrating Rockwell’s history.

“Maintaining the historical elements of our identity and bringing together creative and innovative cocktails that celebrate our heritage and locality define Rockwell’s character,” explains Venue Manager, Brian Calleja.

“The inspiration for Rockwell,” he continues, “stems from our valued location and rich heritage. Our décor is characterised through vegetation festoons and longifolia cabana trees, which give tribute to the Victorian gardens that used to bloom throughout central London centuries ago and, more specifically, Spring Gardens – our site.”

Brian was 18 years old when he first got a job as a bar waiter in one of the most prestigious hotels in Malta. Since then, his love for the art of cocktails and the hospitality industry has pushed him to pursue his career – that led him to Rockwell, a cocktail bar where he feels like he really belongs.

Rockwell offers a well-thought variety of food and beverages, the quality of which is simply stunning. Their menus are up to standards, too; each of the serves have their own dedicated inspiration story, connected to particular moments and figures in history. This attention to detail not only makes for a good impression, but also tells the customers that Rockwell works towards offering a unique experience to delight all of the senses.

Brian says: “We pride ourselves through great levels of consistency, character and charm within a unique environment. Through a fast and efficient service and our love for cocktails, we always aim for every guest that visits us to leave with a great experience. If we were to create a recipe for what makes us stand out, it most certainly would contain a dash of desire, a pinch of devotion and a short pour of passion from the team.”

The staff at Rockwell keeps the venue running so efficiently, you would think they run on everlasting batteries!

From looking after every single guest, to explaining the inspiration behind every serve, to then executing those serves perfectly – Rockwell’s team are really all you could ever ask for as a bar and restaurant operator. Having a dedicated, efficient team is the cherry on top of this wonderful venue; they add a special, genuine value to the overall guest experience, and they sure help keep the venue busy!

However, a full bar does not stop Rockwell from making plans for the future, as getting ahead is the best way to get your business growing.

Christopher Sanchez, Director of Food and Beverage, reveals some exciting news: “We have started a very ambitious project at Rockwell to put the venue on the map, to be recognized as a destination cocktail bar and to place within The World’s Best Bars. Our focus is to express our view on cocktail making and concept creation that explores beyond boundaries and shares our understanding of colour, texture, aroma and taste.”

We truly recommend keeping an eye out in the upcoming months, and we cannot wait for the big reveal! To make it all even more exciting, Brian adds: “I look forward to what we are aiming to achieve here, and know that I will love every moment of it.”

Last but not least, amongst their countless merits, the people at Rockwell are extremely down-to-earth. Christopher says: “We do not think of ourselves to be in a position to teach other venues ways of operating or presenting their offering. This, in my opinion, is what makes the city and the bar scene so interesting and inspiring worldwide.”

Nevertheless, Christopher still shares a valuable piece of advice: “The creative capacity displayed by all teams and bars with innovative ideas, concepts and identities,” he concludes, “represents uniqueness and authenticity. That’s what really matters.”

Christopher and Brian are some of the most excited members of staff we have ever had the pleasure to encounter. Their passion and dedication truly show in their words, and can only mean good things are bound to happen in such a genuine, hardworking environment.  Making it in the hospitality industry – especially in the big city – can be challenging, but there’s clearly a right way to do it. Just ask Rockwell!

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