Venue Profile: Quaglino’s

The glamourous Quaglino’s, hidden away within the regal St James’ area of London, is synonymous with style and sustainability.

In a more climate-conscious world, sustainability has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Now, venues are looking at how they can become greener and do their bit to help the environment.

Who says that style has to be compromised in order to achieve sustainability? Iconic bar and restaurant in the heart of London, Quaglino’s, has proven that you can be stylish and sustainable at the same time. Known for its legendary cocktails, this venue has ensured that they are doing their bit for the environment in some of the most creative ways, honing in on their zero-waste policy and using as much as they can from their cocktail-creating process.

Michele Lomba, Head Mixologist at Quaglino’s, explains that by using seasonal ingredients this helps to lower the amount of wastage usually generated by bars; “We use seasonal fruits without throwing away leftover ingredients. It also helps that we are working with many sustainable spirit and glassware brands, which for us is really important.”

A keen eye on supply can help identify whether your business is, or could be, sustainable. As Michele stated, it’s not just about the fruit, veg or garnishes that you use and when you use them, but the companies you buy from too. Avoiding plastic is a huge initiative taken on by companies around the world, whittling it down to even ridding bars of plastic straws in favour of paper ones.

However, sustainability comes naturally to the staff at Quaglino’s; “Sustainability has always naturally been a part of us as mixologists. Bartenders are always trying to create something unique and using leftovers from prep is somewhat the first step ‘unconsciously’ taken towards sustainability. From there on, we started to think about other ways in which we can be sustainable – from the straws and glassware we use, to the alcohol brands we partner with and more”.

Known more recently as being the home of the world’s most sustainable cocktail, Quaglino’s has always aimed to be as sustainable as possible. The launch of this cocktail even saw it come in an edible cup, bringing a new meaning to their term of ‘zero-waste’. The ingredients are all locally sourced which helps to eradicate the cost for transport and the pollution that goes along with it; “The idea was to create something unique, environmentally conscious and, of course, delicious”.

Hospitality has already started to gravitate towards becoming more sustainable as an industry. Michele advises that; “A good place for bars to start is with little details like making use of discarded fruits or any leftovers from prep, then bars can look at even bigger things like the glassware and materials used for the operation of the bar itself. However, don’t underestimate how the little details can makes a big difference”.

Becoming sustainable doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish and the little changes that bars make will have a greater effect on the industry and the environment in the future.

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