VIDEO: Bar specialists speak at Bols Business Class talks

Jim Meehan

Leading bartender Jim Meehan (pictured), the founder of New York City bar PDT and now a consultant, talks about spirits and cocktails and how they can work for your business in one of a series of new videos from the latest Bols Business Class talks around the world.

Other new videos on the Bols Business Class channel on YouTube include Bols brand ambassador and Mixxit trainer John Parsons from Maxxium on what guests really want from a cocktail and where the focus should be when selling drinks.

Leading bar and drinks consultant Esther Medina Cuesta talks about the importance of good staff and how their hospitality mindset is crucial for a bar to survive in the industry of tomorrow.

Ruben Maduro of consultancy Brandom shares some of his experiences and industry insights and emphasises experience and discovery in some of the best bars around the world.

Sune Risum-Urth, director at Copenhagen restaurant AOC and a distiller, talks about the perfect bar of tomorrow, zooming in on different types of cocktail bars and how hospitality has been key over the years.

Leszek Stachura, beverage creative manager of Vea Restaurant & Lounge in Hong Kong, talks about creating profitable cocktail menus and cost effectiveness.

Bar management specialist and trainer Hans Bihl talks about boosting profitability of bars in the Nordics.

Casper Reinders, director of Amsterdam’s Tao Group and co-creator of the modern Bols Genever 21, talks about how he revived the traditional Dutch spirit, genever, and the creative process behind building a concept or brand.

Bols Business Class is an open platform that inspires and educates the global bar industry. The talks cover a wide range of bar and business topics. They are filmed during Bols Business Class events all over the world.

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