VIDEO: Bartenders learn craft with Maker’s Mark workshops


A series of workshops have taken place around the UK for bartenders to explore the craft behind Maker’s Mark bourbon. Hosted by brand diplomat Amanda Humphrey, they were inspired by the four key elements of the whiskey: wood, wax, wheat and paper.

This video from distributor Maxxium UK shows Amanda with bartenders at the session at Cactus Kitchens in London based around wheat – a reference to how the bourbon is made with soft red winter wheat.

From July to October, bartenders have been invited to creative spaces in cities including London, Manchester and Liverpool for a full brand immersion while also learning a new craft that they could take back to their bar.

These experiences included cocktail menu design, personalising barrels, personalising wax sealed stamps and, as this video shows, baking bread using the wheat that gives Maker’s Mark its distinctive taste.


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