Want a flake in that?

Melanie Sykes and Boddingtons are reuniting – 20 years since the iconic Boddingtons adverts were first aired on our TVs.

The famous adverts were one of the beer’s most memorable campaigns, with one of the ads seeing the British presenter delivering a pint of the golden English bitter to a thirsty athlete in the desert.

This summer, AB InBev is launching a new campaign, which will include new video content that captures the essence of the original advertising yet has a contemporary twist for today’s audience.

Currently brewed in Magor, South Wales, Boddingtons is a golden, full-bodied and malty bitter, renowned for its smooth, creamy finish. It has been enjoyed by beer drinkers in England for more than 200 years and is now exported to 20 countries worldwide, including the US, Brazil and Japan.

Nick Robinson, AB InBev marketing director for the UK and Ireland, said: “Melanie and Boddingtons have always been the perfect match and we’re delighted to be bringing them back together!”

Melanie Sykes said appearing in the ads 20 years ago was a life changing time for her. “I’m incredibly fond of my association with Boddingtons Bitter. I really enjoyed shooting both my commercials for them. It is just over twenty years since I appeared in the first ad and it was a truly life changing time.

“It marked the end of a successful modelling career and introduced me into the world of TV presenting. I am very proud of the adverts and I know they hold a lot of nostalgia, not just for me, but for many people.”

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