Westons unveils Stowford Press Cloudy Cider

Stowford Press Cloudy Cider

Herefordshire-based cider producer Westons is adding a new sessionable ‘Cloudy’ variant to its Stowford Press cider range.

Stowford Press Cloudy is a 4% ABV medium sweet cloudy apple cider. It is lightly carbonated and created with a natural haze through the fermentation process.

The latest addition to the Westons Cider on-trade portfolio has been developed broaden appeal, increase market share for the Stowford Press brand, while at the same time capitalising on a growing interest in cloudy cider amongst “non-traditional cider drinkers” such as women and younger drinkers.

The new variant features a natural green and bronze colour palette that draws on the long-established heritage of the Stowford Press parent brand.

Stowford Press’ brand manager Holly Chadwick said: “The cider category is growing 2.2% overall YoY and consumers are increasingly keen to experiment with new flavour profiles. This is evident with the growth of fruit cider, and cloudy cider is already proving particularly popular in regions such as London and East Anglia.

“The latest Stowford Press variant will offer cider drinkers even more choice and continue to draw in drinkers new to the cider category, with an accessible taste profile and lower-ABV.

“The launch of Stowford Press Cloudy will enable the on-trade to drive greater value into the cloudy cider category with a premium mainstream option. It will also provide high volume cider outlets with an opportunity to diversify their offering and drive incremental sales.”

Alongside Stowford Press, Westons Cider also produces brands Mortimer’s Orchard, Rosie’s Pig and Caple Rd.

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