What are the most popular pub games?

Games have been an intrinsic part of pub and bar culture since time immemorial. This is more the case in 2019 than ever, in an age when gaming is seen as a popular pastime for all, on a par with watching TV or reading a book.

Having the right games available is also a key way for publicans to boost sales, as they provide the perfect incentive to stick around for one more drink – or maybe even two. But what are the “right games?” Here, we take a look at the top five.

Slot machines

The traditional fruit machine has always been a pub favourite, and today there is more choice and sophistication about the slot games than ever. Customers are also far more savvy when it comes to this type of gaming than they were in years gone by. This is due to the massive range of online casino sites across Europe, at which players can explore a host of different slot games across multiple genres and perfect their winning strategies. Playing online at the top European sites has plenty going for it in terms of both convenience and special deals. Yet despite this, many pub-goers agree that there is still no substitute for playing a slot machine using a traditional cabinet, with pint in hand and in the company of some good friends.


How many times have you seen a customer’s eyes light up when they see a pool table? It might not be quite as popular as it was ten years ago, but pool is still a big attraction, and if you or an enthusiastic customer can get a team together, local league matches can provide a fantastic boost to mid-week revenue. The initial cost can be high, and you need to factor in ongoing maintenance to keep the table at its best, but most publicans agree it is well worth it, so long as you have the space.


It is one of the oldest pub games going, but it is more popular today than it has ever been. A dart board does not bring in the financial revenue of a pool table, but everything stated above about getting a team together and participating in the local pub league holds true here, too. Also, a dartboard is inexpensive, and takes up far less room than a pool table.

Board games

Even in this technological era, people still love board games. There’s something comforting and homely about having a stack of well-used games in the corner of the family room, and if you get an enthusiastic group immersed in a game of Monopoly, you can guarantee they will end up hanging around longer for a few more drinks! After all, you never know how long a game might last!

Table football

Football is the nation’s most popular sport, and table football has enjoyed a revival over the past few years, particularly among the younger crowd. Opt for a game with a coin mechanism and it will bring in some additional revenue. The beauty of this game is that it is very low maintenance, especially if you invest in one with a glass top to protect it against spillages!

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