What will it take to make this your strongest year ever?

Your venue has an outdoors, even if it’s just the frontage or a secret door. But is your outdoors working as hard as possible for your venue?

To make 2023 your strongest year ever, don’t overlook your outdoor areas.

Woodberry, the commercial outdoor furniture specialists, have asked their hospitality clients what they think will help outdoor business in 2023 and refined it to 3 key points.

  1. Impact
  2. Comfort
  3. Resources

Howard at Woodberry talks through the top 3 in this video – https://www.woodberry.co.uk/videos-2/?v=impact-comfort-and-resources

Impact  – kerb appeal and first impressions

Your customers will judge their experience by what your venue looks like.

If you take a step back and consider what the first impression your venue gives is, what do you expect the experience to be like?

What do you need to improve the exterior of your property? Signage, lighting, furniture, planters or hanging baskets?

Are you appealing to the right customers?

Younger customers are looking for an experience, something different. Can they see this from outside?

Older customers might be looking for something more traditional with clean, comfortable furniture outside.

Does your venue stand out from the crowd?

Can your frontage be more impactful with colourful plants, signage, canopies or parasols. You can amplify your presence with colour.


Woodberry asked one of their largest pub chain clients ‘what is the most important feature of an outdoor space’?

Their answer was comfort.

If your customer is comfortable, their dwell time will increase and spend per head will be more. They will recommend and refer friends to your venue and if they are happy, they will visit again.

Think about the needs of your customers, and ensure you have the right outdoor furniture for them.

If you have older customers, provide comfort with backrests to chairs, seat arms and easy access tables and benches.

For families, a means of containing the kids might be useful so again seat arms and backrests could help with younger children.

Quick wins to add comfort include outdoor cushions, blankets, outdoor heaters and lighting.


With a bit of investigating, there are so many free resources that can help your business.

Suppliers like Woodberry offer all sorts of free guidance and advice, including.

  • Maintenance guides
  • Garden layouts
  • Guidance on planning permission requirement
  • Advice on the best material for outdoor furniture
  • Top selling products for your industry sector
  • ROI calculations

For free resources visit the Woodberry website – www.woodberry.co.uk

The Woodberry team can also come to your venue for free site surveys and measuring up.

Talk to the Woodberry team on 01926 889922. mail@woodberry.co.uk

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