Which skills working behind the bar will teach you

Working in any bar or pub has always been considered to be fun, exciting and flexible. In addition, bar work is one of the roles that is extremely easy to find by searching at JobRapido or any other popular recruitment services. Although it may be considered casual, it can be one of the most rewarding and advantageous positions out there. Working behind the bar will teach you a lot of useful and transferrable skills, and they will become crucial as you make your way through life and your career.

Numerical Skills

The way bars work in terms of handling cash has changed significantly over the last few years, but that doesn’t mean you won’t learn some crucial numeracy skills along the way. Most customers paying at a bar still use cash as to pay for their drinks, so, there will  always be counting and mental arithmetic to be done. These skills are crucial in most industries today and are therefore transferrable should you leave a bar job for another role in a different employment sector altogether.

Integrity And Honesty

With any retail environment where there is relatively a lot of money changing hands, as well as in the tills and safe; it requires a certain type individual. Anyone in this role will needs to be honest, trustworthy and have the utmost integrity to thrive in this job. This not only includes the person having integrity when dealing with cash transactions, but being vigilant when it comes to discrepancies where till receipts and logs are concerned. These skills are what every employer is looking for as a number one rule, and by proving your integrity in one job, it will help you along your career path.

Customer Service

Working behind a bar is one of the most popular and demanding customer facing jobs around. Not only will you be dealing with the general public, but there is the real chance of also having to manage a fair number of patrons who may have had one too many. So, your customer service skills will be put to the test, especially as you will face a diverse mix of people. Furthermore, it is also your job to be aware of a customer’s needs and try as much as possible to ensure everyone has a pleasant and enjoyable experience every time. Again, another set of skills which are transferrable to other industries.

Working Under Pressure

As mentioned above, you will be dealing with a lot of customers when working behind a bar. This is especially the case on most evenings and over the weekend. Queues often begin to appear, and this sometimes leads to customers becoming frustrated as they wait for service. So, strong customer service skills will once again be crucial here. Plus the ability to be able to work under pressure and remain calm will be crucial. During the busiest times, it’s vital to stay on top of your game where serving customers is concerned, as this will allow you to deal with the queues and waiting punters efficiently.

Therefore, it is clear to see that all the skills you will learn working behind a bar will definitely stand you in good stead in other jobs; as well as in life itself. So, if anyone is out of work, a student looking to earn some cash, or just fancy a change; considering a role in the sector is a smart move.

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