Whisky ice cream on the menu at scotch society’s bar

Scotch Malt Whisky Society flavoured Ice Cream

Fans of scotch and ice cream will be able to enjoy both together with 12 unique flavours on the menu at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s bar in London.

From Banana-Dram-A and Smoky Lavender Kiss to Salty Sea Dog and Maple Bacon Crunch, the whisky ice creams will be available at Kaleidoscope Bar in Devonshire Square from August 9.

Following the success of the ice cream in Scotland in 2015, the society – which bottles its own unique whiskies – has joined forces again with Scottish ice cream maker S Luca, founded in Musselburgh, east of Edinburgh, in 1908.

They are made with the society’s single cask whiskies, with ABVs ranging from 3.7% to 4.9%. They will be on offer in a special ice cream trike in the outdoor courtyard at Devonshire Square.

The ice creams reflect the society’s flavour-based approach to whisky, which is based on its 12 unique whisky flavour profiles such as “Sweet, Fruity and Mellow”, “Spicy & Sweet”, “Heavily Peated” and “Young & Spritely”.

The flavours of whisky ice cream include:

  • Green Goddess – beautifully balanced Lightly Peated whisky ice cream with a “zingy, zen-like” lime ripple
  • Banana-Dram-A – banana and marshmallow ice cream made with a Sweet, Fruity and Mellow whisky
  • Smoky Lavender Kiss – lavender ice cream with parma violets and a Heavily Peated whisky
  • Snowball Seduction – Oak & Vanilla whisky ice cream with chunks of coconut snowball
  • Salty Sea Dog – salted caramel ice cream with Oily & Coastal whisky
  • Maple Bacon Crunch – sweet syrup and smoky bacon flavours combined with Peated whisky
  • Chilli Devil – Spicy & Sweet whisky ice cream with a chilli kick.

Michael Cook, manager at Kaleidoscope Bar, said: “At the society we focus on the amazing array of flavours in whisky and our 12 Ice Dream Drams made by S Luca are a great way to explore the different types of flavours you find in whisky.”

Picture by Peter Sandground

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