Roger Parfitt, a 59-year-old former bank manager and father-of-two from Coventry, has been appointed as Brand Ambassador at national whisky cask stockist, Whisky Investment Partners.

Following an investment of £4,700 in Macallan and Tobermory cask whisky twenty-seven years ago, Roger signed a sale agreement for a staggering £225,000 with Whisky Investment Partners in summer last year.

In his new role, Roger will be responsible for organising client events and will be on hand to share his story with prospect clients looking to start their investment journey. 

Roger will be Whisky Investment Partners’ spokesperson at corporate events throughout the year and will also be hosting clients at an upcoming three-day golf and distillery tour in Scotland. 

Speaking of his recent appointment, Roger tells us: “I’m absolutely thrilled to join the wonderful team at Whisky Investment Partners. Not only do I know first-hand how efficient and professional the team is, but I’ll have the opportunity to share my story and hopefully inspire others to invest in cask whisky. It was tremendously valuable to me, and I strongly believe it can be for others, too.

By his own admittance, Roger was in no-way a whisky expert when he first looked into cask investment back in the nineties, but when the opportunity to invest in two casks arose in 1994, he believed it to be a relatively low-risk option: “I remember thinking, if they don’t appreciate in value, the worst that could happen is that I would have to get them out of the warehouse, bottle the whisky and drink it. It always had that fallback for me – you could drown your sorrows if it didn’t work out financially,” he laughs.

Alistair Moncrieff, Managing Partner at Whisky Investment Partners who coordinated Roger’s sale, commented: “Roger’s story is an incredible one, and one we’re extremely proud to have been a part of. Seeing him enjoy the rewards of his investment over the last few months really does show how lucrative cask whisky investment can be. Not only has he been able to pay off his mortgage, he’s now a fully-fledged and valued member of our team. It’s great to have someone on board who’s invested themselves, and who truly understands how we work.”

For more information on starting your investment journey with Whisky Investment Partners, visit www.whiskyinvestmentpartners.com.

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