Whistling Shop launches unique new products

worship street productsThe team behind London bar The Worship Street Whistling Shop have developed two unique new products for launching to the wider market.

Working with drinks supplier Master of Malt, they have created Jagertree Liqueur, made with Indian tea and rum, as well as bottled Acid Phosphate for instantly making cocktails more sour.

It follows the launch earlier this year of a Cream Gin, which is cold-distilled using fresh cream as a botanical and also developed at The Worship Street Whistling Shop in Shoreditch.

Their Jagertee Liqueur is inspired by the days of colonial rule in India, made with a high-quality white rum and black tea plus seeds, nuts and spices and then infused with top-quality sherry oak staves. Jagertree is a style of liqueur made from rum and tea which is popular in central and northern Europe.

With an ABV of 36.4%, the spiced liqueur comes in 50cl bottles which, like the Cream Gin, are branded as The Worship Street Whistling Shop. Click here for tasting notes from the chaps at Master of Malt.

The bar, which was opened in 2011 by the mixologists at consultancy Fluid Movement, is renowned for its innovative techniques and ingredients, often developed in-house using their own mini laboratory.

The Acid Phosphate spirit, which was inspired by an ingredient of soda fountains, can add sourness and acidity to a cocktail through just a few drops instead of using lemon or lime juice.

It is made by partially neutralising phosphoric acid with magnesium and potassium, giving an overall pH level that is low and quite safe to drink, which is then mixed with high-quality wheat spirit created in a copper pot still.

The Acid Phosphate, which has an ABV of 25%, comes in a 10cl bottle with a dropper.

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