Why enter London Wine, Beer and Spirits Competitions

As the entry process for the 2023 awards closes on February 22 here are the key reasons why it makes good business sense to enter your beers, wines and spirits into the three separate London Competitions.

The London Wine, Beer, and Spirits Competitions were set up six years with one objective. To introduce drinks awards that recognise, highlight and reward wines, beers and spirits based on the three key criteria a consumer decides which product they are going to buy.

Every drinks brand and product entered into the London Wine, London Beer and London Spirits Competitions is judged in these three ways:

Blind Tasting

Each product entered is first blind tasted by our professional team of judges made of leading wine buyers, importers, merchants, sommeliers and Masters of Wine. Only those wines, beers and spirits that pass the blind tasting are then put forward to the next two rounds of judging..

Pricing and value for money

The judges are then told the recommended retail price and cost price of the wine, beer or spirit in question and asked to assess how that equates to the quality they have just tasted. Does it offer value for money at that price point? Will a retailer, wine merchant, bar or restaurant be able to sell it at that price to their customers?


The judges are then asked to look at the actual bottles and packaging of all the products entered, to pick them up, to analyse their front and back labels and their overall brand design. Do they live up to the taste and quality credentials? Does it match the price being asked for it? Would the judges be proud to have that on their retail shelf or back bar?


Scores are awarded per product in each of these three key criteria in order to determine which medal they will receive.

To win a medal in each of the competitions a product needs to get the following scores:

Gold: 90 points or over.

Silver: a score between 76-89.

Bronze: a score between 65-75. 


All products that receive medals in either the London, Wine, Beer or Spirits Competitions will then be promoted through the various business and trade websites, social media and YouTube channels that the shows organiser, Beverage Trade Network, runs around the world.

Price to enter

London Wine Competition: £120 per product

London Spirits Competition: £180 per product

London Beer Competition: £100 per product

Quantity Discount for London Spirits Competition

3 to 8 entries: 10% discount

9 to 13 entries: 15% discount

14 or more entries: 20% discount

Quantity Discount for London Wine & Beer Competitions

4 to 9 entries: 10% discount

10 to 14 entries: 15% discount

15 or more entries: 20% discount

The submission deadline for all products is February 22. Enter now and ship your samples to

To enter the the London Beer Competition click here.

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