Why should you use a wine rack for your wine?

Many people love to drink wine. Whether it is red, white, rose or sparkling wine, it’s a universal drink enjoyed on different occasions and settings, and the Greeks even went as far as saying it is a ‘gift from the gods’. 

Whether you’re a bar that specialises purely on wine options or only have select few wine offerings on your drink menu; adequately storing your wine bottles should be something you pay attention to. 

Wine racks

No one wants to waste stock, and the last thing your business needs is to be throwing away expensive bottles of wine because they have been ruined. To avoid wastage, exploring wine rack or wine furniture options – to properly store wine – is sure to be a worthwhile investment.

A wine rack is a sensible solution to conveniently maintain wine in order to preserve the flavour and quality best. It is an attractive and ideal investment that will help any bar owner or managers adhere to the best practices of wine storage.

Why should I use a wine rack?

  • Convenience and efficiency

Wine racks allow you to store wine in the correct position in a safe, secure and convenient way. It also keeps all your wine bottles in one location, making it easier for you and your staff to find. It allows the process of finding the correct bottle of wine much more efficient. 

  • Prevents dry corks

Storing wine racks horizontally will ensure that the cork stays wet; which is vital, so the cork doesn’t dry out and crumble. If the cork dries, it will shrink, and this can cause aromas and other elements to penetrate through and change the taste of wine or spoil it completely. This is why using a wine rack to store wine horizontally is recommended.

  • Better organisation

Using a wine rack will allow you to organise your wine bottles properly. You will also be able to see how many you have in stock easily, and what you have as part of your bar inventory.  A clear visual display of all your bottles is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very practical. 

What are wine racks made of?

A wine rack is a set of shelves specifically designed to organise and store wine bottles. They range from different designs, sizes and can be made from a variety of materials. 

The most common material used to make wine racks is wood; it is the most popular as it is very workable and looks timeless in any environment. Wooden wine racks can be made from different types of wood such as redwood, mahogany and cedar.

Metal wine racks are also very popular and can be found in interiors that require a more contemporary look as the metal can be moulded to form more fluid and flowy shapes. Metal can also be painted to match its surroundings. 

Plastic is a more modern material used and can be made to be any shape, making it more workable medium to create unique racks that double as decorative pieces. 

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