Wi-Fi that Rox

Roxy is for social people who want to embrace their playful side, bringing the playground to the bar, with a huge variety of games, and massive rock and indie tunes. Their venues provide a range of entertainment including pool tables, ping pong, bowling, mini golf and karaoke. We caught up with Ben Jones, Commercial Director of Roxy, to find out more.

Tell us about the Roxy experience and how Switch Networks help you to achieve this?

We want customers to get the most out of visiting our venues and always wanting to come back for more, that’s why it’s important for our venues to run seamlessly and we invest heavily into our network to ensure the customer experience is excellent. Everything from our bookings system, telephones, drink QR codes and tills are networked so having a good infrastructure is key to delivering a successful offering.  We always get Switch Networks involved early in our build process to ensure we have the required infrastructure and over the years we have used more and more of their services.

In a time where your operations rely so heavily on technology, how have Switch Networks helped your business to adapt? 

As the world changes and ever more technology runs on internet we have realised the need for a reputable company who can help with networking and IT. We started using Switch Networks years ago just to supply our IP telephone system so we could link all our businesses with our head office easily, we now use them to look after everything Network related from CCTV installs and upgrades to leased lines and secure guest networks. They have a wealth of knowledge and have helped design a reliable network infrastructure within our estate of 10 venues.

City centre locations have notoriously poor internet connections. How have Switch Networks helped you overcome this?

City Centre internet is some of the worse internet speeds and is inaccessible which is unbelievable considering how much it has progressed over the years. Switch have helped us manage this by sourcing leased lines in all our venues and project managed from ordering through to install of the lines, they have even helped some of our neighbouring bars that we have shared our lines with. Switch also recommended 4G backups in all venues in case our primary line lost connection which is a great comfort considering how much we rely on the internet.


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