Wild Turkey brings honey to UK

Wild Turkey is introducing a honey-flavoured bourbon-based liqueur into the UK on-trade this month after its success in the US.

With an ABV of 35.5 per cent, American Honey is a smooth liqueur made with Wild Turkey, retaining the taste and kick of straight bourbon but with notes of sweet honey, caramel and orange.

It is aimed mainly at people in their 20s and will be promoted in the UK through events featuring a branded photo booth visiting university student unions.

Part of Gruppo Campari, Wild Turkey is distributed in the UK by Catalyst Brands. The Campari portfolio also includes Aperol, Cinzano, Cynar, Frangelico, Glen Grant, Sagatiba and Skyy Vodka.

The liqueur will be introduced in the off-trade later this year. The marketing campaign will include a Facebook competition for a chance to take part in a US road trip in August 2013.

Christophe Schaillee, regional director of Campari International’s Europe region, said: “American Honey is the sweeter, smoother side of Wild Turkey and will appeal to a younger drinker without being overly sweet-tasting.

“We launched American Honey in the US in 2007 and it has been extremely well received in the on- and off-trade as well as internationally.

“We’ve developed American Honey to be shared and is perfect straight out of the bottle, chilled and also works well over ice or with mixers like cola.”

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