Williams goes national with Double Joker IPA

double joker IPAWilliams Brothers Brewing Company is to distribute its newest IPA nationally after it was suggested by a misunderstanding on Twitter.

Double Joker IPA, with ABV of 8.3%, is made from a double-strength wort which is hopped with double the hops and bitterness, leading to a bold Scottish-style Imperial IPA.

It followed a tweet two years ago when the Scottish brewing company posted “Double Joker brew day today”, referring to production of a double batch of its popular Joker IPA. However, followers mistook this for a new beer so brewer Chris Williams set out to create it.

Joker IPA is well established as one of the brewery’s most popular craft beers – selling 60 barrels a week – and is a key component of Double Joker IPA.

Small initial batches of Double Joker IPA quickly sold out after it was produced as an experimental brew and it has gone on to be exported to Italy, Sweden and Russia as well as sold in Scotland. The new 33cl Double Joker IPA bottle will now be available across the UK.

As well as Double Joker IPA, Williams Brothers Brewing Co has also announced that two further new bottles are now available. Paradigm Shift, at 6.2% ABV, and a collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery, A Wee Bit, will be available in 33cl and 50cl bottles respectively.

The collaboration with Brooklyn Brewery is a sessionable Scotch ale brewed with “a wee bit” of peated malt, honey and treacle, then fermented with a Brooklyn ale yeast.

Paradigm Shift is a generously hopped red ale which may be considered a “Red IPA”. It has a malty toffee flavour with a lemony fresh finish.

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