Winter cocktails created for The Wild Geese rums and whiskeys

The Wild Geese Winter Cocktails Rum Mai Tai & Whiskey Sazerac

A range of cocktails has been created to brighten up the winter months by bartender Stav B using The Wild Geese Irish whiskeys and Caribbean rums.

She has set out to put an authentic twist on a series of classic serves, using ingredients such as fruity plum bitters and earthy nutmeg as well as rich dark chocolate to create an intense cocoa-flavoured whiskey cocktail.

Stav is brand ambassador for The Wild Geese alongside running pop-up Stav B’s Liquor Bar around London.

The Wild Geese Irish whiskeys range from a classic blend to a single malt while the rums, which come from the Caribbean, include a golden rum, a spiced rum and a premium rum aged for up to eight years.

Pictured above are the Vintage Mai Tai with rum and the Whiskey Sazerac.

Vintage Mai Tai
50ml The Wild Geese Golden Rum
25ml Lime juice
25ml Falernum
2 drops of grapefruit bitters
Shake all the ingredients together with ice and empty in a tumbler and garnish with the cherry.

50ml The Wild Geese Premium Rum
25ml Grand Marnier
5ml Maple syrup
25ml Port
Mix all the ingredients together with ice in a shaker and double-strain in a pewter glass to maintain its coolness. Grate nutmeg on top to finish. It is pictured below.

The Wild Geese Rum Sangaree

Cardamom Daiquiri
50ml The Wild Geese Golden Rum
10 cardamom seeds
25ml Lime juice
25ml Homemade cardamom syrup
Smash the seeds in the boston glass. Add all the ingredients and shake rigorously to chill the mix. Double-strain in a small martini glass and garnish with three cardamom seeds.

Whiskey Sazerac
50ml The Wild Geese Single Malt Irish Whiskey
25ml Absinthe
2 drops of one sugar cube
Peychaud’s bitters
10ml Cognac
You will need two glasses: one glass with ice and the absinthe (or any pastis), the other one to prepare the actual drink. In the second glass, add bitters and sugar cube then mix with a little water. Melt the sugar as much as possible so that you have a clear liquid blended with bitters. Add ice, stir then add the whiskey. Stir again, then add the cognac, and stir. With your first glass, discard the absinthe and ice. Double-strain the mixture from your second glass into it. Garnish with a lemon peel.

Plum Old Fashioned
50ml Plum-infused The Wild Geese Rare Irish Whiskey
10ml Plum liqueur
1 cube of sugar
2 drops of plum bitters
Infuse the whiskey with fresh plums and leave for 48 hours. In a glass, add bitters, a sugar cube and a little water and stir well to melt the sugar as much as possible. Add the ice, stir again then add the plum whiskey. Stir again. Finish with orange zest sprayed all over the mix and the rim of the glass. It is pictured below.

The Wild Geese Whiskey Plum Old Fashioned

Chilli and Chocolate Rusty Nail
25ml The Wild Geese Classic Blend Whiskey
1 fresh chilli (mildly hot)
20ml Chocolate liqueur
2 drops of chocolate bitters
25ml Drambuie
Mash the chilli in a rocks glass to release the flavours. Add the liqueur, bitters and mix. Add the ice. Stir. Add the Drambuie and the whiskey and stir. Grate some dark chocolate and spray the orange zest and garnish with a slab of chocolate and a chilli on top.

The Wild Geese brand ambassador Stav B

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