WKD serves up traffic cone pitchers

WKD Cocktail Cone lidWKD is introducing an unusual and quirky cocktail vessel for the on-trade: traffic cone-shaped pitchers.

Tens of thousands of the bright orange and white 30cm high WKD Cocktail Cones will be provided to bars and pubs this summer for serving up sharing drinks.

With a two-pint capacity plus plenty of room for ice, the cones have a hinged lid plus a handle for pouring – and they are dishwasher safe.

Point-of-sale support will include banners, bar-runners, table-talkers, posters and hanging mobiles plus roadworks-style hazard tape to mark out “Cone Zones”.

WKD owner SHS Drinks has also developed a range of cone-themed cocktail recipes designed to be served in the novelty pitchers.

They include the One & Coney, which mixes WKD Blue, port, lemonade and ice, and the WKD Coney Island, combining WKD Red with peach schnapps, lemonade and ice.

The WKD Triffic Cone is a mixture of WKD Iron Brew with a spiced rum, lemonade and ice, while the WKD Megacone combines WKD Blue and WKD Purple with vodka, lemonade and ice.

The introduction of WKD Cocktail Cones follows the successful launch last year of the eye-catching jug-style WKD Cocktail Kettles which proved to be a real hit with consumers while building sales for stockists. One licensee reported that sales of WKD trebled after introducing the WKD Cocktail Kettles.

“The emergence in popularity of the RTD cocktail is probably one of the biggest trends we are seeing amongst young adult consumers,” says Debs Carter, marketing director for WKD. “It’s an area which provides opportunities for licensees in terms of incremental margins and in delivering the kind of in-outlet theatre which can’t be replicated at home.

“With increasing interest in RTD cocktails, as category-leader it’s fitting that we spearhead developments in this exciting area and help our stockists maximise potential benefits. It’s really important to create theatre and excitement around the actual serve, and the WKD Cocktail Cones will deliver a genuine ‘wow’ factor in pubs and bars.

“Usually, seeing rows of cones in the summer months spells traffic misery, but we’re confident that spotting WKD Cocktail Cones will generate smiles amongst pub-goers.”

The 2013 cone kits are available from WKD sales representatives.

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