Wood smoke-infused new expression for birch sap spirit

Freya Woodsmoke

The team behind Freya, a spirit made from birch tree sap, have released a second expression with the warm, autumnal flavours of wood smoke.

Freya Woodsmoke has been produced by infusing original Freya birch sap spirit with smoke from apple, birch and chestnut wood that has first been soaked in pure birch sap.

The new limited edition can be enjoyed over ice, with natural premium mixers such as ginger beer or in cocktails, including smoky twists on recipes such as a Negroni.

Pure Wild Spirits, which launched Freya a year ago, is also working with cocktail ingredient specialist Funkin to create recipes that complement the new expression’s flavours.

Like the original product, Freya Woodsmoke is inspired by the Norse goddess of love, life and fertility, Freya, whose worshippers would dance around campfires in celebration.

The woods used to create the new expression were used for these ceremonial fires, with apple wood signifying love, the chestnut for strength, and birch for fertility.

Freya and Freya Woodsmoke are organic in composition and distilled in England from birch tree sap sustainably sourced from northern European forests. Both are bottled at 40% ABV.

Distributed by Boutique Bar Brands, Freya has extended distribution to around 60 bars in the UK, mainly in London but also in other cities such as Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh. It also had its own pop-up bar in The Cocktail Village in Old Spitalfields Market throughout last month’s London Cocktail Week.

Freya Woodsmoke was launched at an event last night at Folklore bar in Shoreditch, London, with cocktails based on recipes developed with Funkin brand ambassador Tom Smith.

Smoke in the Eye
50ml Freya Woodsmoke
50ml Funkin Apricot Purée
10ml Lillet Blanc
25ml Lemon and thyme sherbet
Pinch of salt
Build in a Collins glass over cubed ice. Garnish with an apricot.

Ottar’s Brew
35ml Freya Woodmsoke
10ml Frangelico
25ml Funkin Beetroot Shrub
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
50ml Stout
Shake the first four ingredients with ice and strain into a Collins glass over cubed ice. Top with stout. Garnish with berries on a stick.

Bonfire Boulevardier
35ml Freya Woodsmoke
15ml Campari
15ml White vermouth
15ml Sweet vermouth
5ml Maraschino
Build in a copa glass with cubed ice.

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